Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WI day

I don't have too much to update on...I did weigh in tonight and lost .8. I was a little disappointed in such a small loss, however I have to look at it as a LOSS. It could be a gain!
I have now lost 8 pounds since "restarting" weight watchers. My goal is to lose atleast 2 pounds by next weigh in so i hit 10lbs :)
I have had a problem recently thinking of the "big picture". Thinking about how much weight I have to lose really gets me upset. I know i MUST start making small goals for myself, but that is soo easier said than done! I'm trying!
Also I want to thank everyone who has been soo supportive of my journey. Through comments on here, facebook, and in person I feel very supported and loved!
Goodnight all!


  1. You're doing awesome!! Don't worry about the big picture, just think about those next 2 pounds, little goals! You go girl, you're amazing!!!

  2. You are loved and we are so very proud of you. Keep up the great work.