Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weigh in last night!

Last night I weighed in and lost 3.6 pounds! I am now down 11.6 since January 1st!
Also last night I definitely turned a new leaf in my life. I had a bit of a rough night, and normally I would have turned to food. Last night I took out my anger and frustrations at the gym. It was defintely a good way to "cope". I have been on the Weight Watcher message boards lately and LOVE the extra support there. After posting on there last night one response really stuck out in my head "Just remember that if hunger isn't the problem then food isn't the answer." I have now posted that on my fridge so it really makes me think twice when going to get a snack!
My goal this week is to make sure I judge if I am actually hungry, or if I am eating just to eat.
As always thank you soo much to everyone who is so supportive of me!!


  1. Love you Car! So proud of you :)

  2. You are awesome!!!! Love from your favorite Aunt. :)