Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Work out in the morning before your brain knows whats going on"

The title of this post is a favorite quote from Joann, my Weight Watcher leader. As many know I was doing really well at the beginning of this journey with working out in the morning. Then day by day, week by week, I started sleeping later and later. Well this past weekend I decided enough of that! Instead of making myself do it every single morning, I'm thinking 2 mornings a week sound good. If that continues to go well I'll add in a few more mornings :). I do plan on adding in a few work outs in the evenings as well.
I'm still in the getting back on track phase. I did so well at the beginning and fell off the wagon, but I'm back!
I'm reading an EXCELLENT book that I HIGHLY recommend, it is called Half Assed, it is by Jenette Fulda. It is about a 24 year old woman who decided to change her life and she lost almost 200 pounds! I am so inspired by her! I think if someone who weighs much more than I do can push herself on the treadmill, so can I!
I would write more tonight but today has just been "one of those days". I cannot wait to go to bed and start over tomorrow. I pray that it will be much better than today!!!! WW wise its been great! I've ate very well, exercised and drank all my water, and on top of that, I lost what weight I gained last week :)
So here's to tomorrow, a new day, I'm not looking back at the bad, and moving on with the good things in my life.

"We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough." -Helen Keller