Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I completely forgot I even had this blog. Well here it is, a new year. I still have yet to meet my goals. But that is okay because I am doing this on MY time. This is MY journey, I am losing weight for me and not for anyone else or any other reasons. Since I've last blogged I've joined a gym right by my work. I absolutely LOVE it! I got some training sessions when I first joined and had an AMAZING trainer. I've learned I really cannot do this alone, I need help! Through personal training I have learned I am so much stronger than I thought and I really can do anything. Also I learned that those ropes they show on the Biggest Loser are not as easy as they look on TV!!! My trainer is no longer at my gym and I have been struggling on my own. I am so thankful for him as I lost so much more weight working with him, he also made me feel so good about myself. I have still been working out, just not as I should be. I have decided to get another trainer through my gym. A lot of people do not understand why I need this, but truly I've tried doing it alone and have failed one too many times. I just wrote a fairly large check to the gym, and I have to tell myself its an investment in my health. Its going to be hard seeing that money come out of my account, but I have really thought through it and would rather cut back on other things in my life than fail at this yet again. I hope somehow to be able to continue working with a trainer! I have a meeting with a trainer tomorrow, I am very excited to get back on this and kick this weight loss in the butt!